SB 2682 – Act 230: Financial Disclosure Law

Note: Senator Maile Shimabukuro was the primary sponsor of SB 2682, which became law, Act 230, on 7/8/2014. Following is a list of articles and announcements (in reverse chronological order) re the bill and the act:

Financial Disclosure Law Challenged by State Attorney General 11/24/14

KITV4: ‘Vacancies on State Boards and Commissions Rise to 26′ 7/14/14

HCB: ‘Abercrombie Decides Not to Veto Public Financial Disclosure Bill’ 7/3/14

Star-Advertiser Editorial Urges Governor to Sign SB2682 6/29/14

Star-Adv: ‘Disclosure changes concern university regents’ 5/20/14

Bill List Update 2/11/2014 2/11/14

SB2682: Hearing Scheduled 2/7/14 at 10am 2/4/14

Bill List 2014 (as of 1/30/14) 1/30/14

Testimony Needed on 4/2/13 3/30/13

SB 66, Relating to the Public Disclosure of State Finances 2/5/13 2/4/13

Maile’s Bill List – 2013 Session 1/30/13

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